Sign up in advance to come in to a scheduled session and assemble your own dishes!  You'll have the satisfaction of making your meals and you'll have the opportunity to adjust the meals, if necessary, for your family's needs.

Sign up online by clicking Order Now on any page or call (314) 968-8463 and we will walk you through the sign up procedure.


  • Please order ahead of time so we can prepare and prep your ingredients!
  • First pick a session date and time (count on taking at least 1.5 hours your first time).
  • Pick a minimum of 4 dishes (typically 6 servings each) to assemble in session.
    • Most people make 6 dishes which is the most economical choice
  • Each dish contains at least 6 servings designed to be packaged in 2 portions (i.e. 2 bags/pans containing 3 servings each).
  • You may pay upon check-in (please call if you would like to pre-pay).


  • Bring a large laundry basket, cooler, or box to transport your food back home.
  • Please arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled session time.
  • When you arrive, you will check-in and pay if you have not done so.
  • We will give you a list of your dishes, an apron, and a short tour to get you acquainted!
  • We provide all the ingredients, utensils, packaging, and cooking instructions at each station.
  • Once you've made one dish, you'll place it on your personal shelf in the fridge and then move on to the next dish.
  • When you're finished assembling your dishes, one of our staff members will pack up your dishes to help ensure that there are no spills on the way home AND carry your dishes out to the car!


  • Because of space limitations, we ask that only people who are assembling dishes attend sessions.
  • Please only one helper per six dishes.
  • Remember that customers in subsequent sessions will arrive during your session so we ask that you move through your meal assembly carefully but efficiently and find one of us to pack up your meals once you are finished- feel free to socialize by the front tables when you are not assembling your dishes!
  • Please only come if you are healthy!  (We will gladly work to find another date/time that will fit your schedule if you are unwell.)


We recommend that your first session visit is kid-free which will help you make a good choice about whether or not your child is ready to attend a session with you!  We welcome children as long as everyone adheres to the following guidelines to preserve the safety, efficiency, relaxation, and enjoyment of all of our customers and their food.

  • Older children (13+) who have been here before and can work independently are welcome to assemble dishes without direct adult supervision.
  • Younger children (under 13) may attend session provided that they are accompanied by an adult; one child per adult please!
  • ALL children must follow these guidelines:
    • Stay with an adult at all times on the session floor (age dependent).
    • Only touch ingredients that are being used in your personal dish by keeping hands out of shared ingredient containers.
    • Use inside voices
    • Be healthy- just like adults, please don't come in with a fever, cough, runny nose, etc.

Please make sure that your child understands the session courtesy/etiquette explained above and can entertain themselves and sit independently at the perimeter of the session if their interest wanes!