You can pre-order online or by phone and we will have your dishes assembled and ready for you to pick up on your scheduled date.

  • A carryout minimum order requires 8 'half' dishes.
    • A 'half dish usually contains 3 servings which you can order by selecting '0.5' of a given dish.  To order two 'half' dishes, selected '1.0' of that dish.
    • Unless stated otherwise, all dishes will be packaged in half order quantities.
    • If you would like to order less than 8 half dishes, simply stop in and buy our Ready Made dishes out of the freezer.
  • To place a carryout order, click here or on the carryout option found under the 'order' tab.
    • Choose the date you would like to pick up the order, then select the quantity of each dish.
    • Pick up your carryout order on the day selected.
  • You may pay at the desk, curbside or over the phone.
    • We accept cash, card, or check.
    • Any items marked with an asterisk (*) are available to purchase upon arrival while they last.  Or, we can take your payment over the phone and set any asterisked items aside for you.
  • Carryout orders will be held for one week after your selected pickup date; if the order has not been picked up by this date, it will be restocked.