Along with the incentives you can redeem through being a return-customer to TFD, we offer a variety of discounts to new and expecting parents, first responders and military personnel, and for those who provide their own protein for their session.

Loyalty Card
Get a box filled out every time you purchase 6.0 whole dishes ( = 12 half dishes). When all six boxes are filled, receive 20% off your next order up to 12.0 whole dishes (= 24 half dishes). *Redeem this discount with session purchases, carryout purchases or walk-in purchases*

Bundle of Joy Program
For all new or expecting parents, place a carryout order and we'll give you a 15% discount for three consecutive months. Click here to place your carryout order. Add a note to let us know you would like to participate in our Bundle of Joy program. *Redeem this discount with carryout purchases or walk-in purchases at a pro-rated amount.*

Military/First Responders Discount
All police/military/fire personnel: present your ID/badge and receive 10% off your order. This applies to all purchases at Time for Dinner. *Redeem this discount with walk-in, carryout, or session purchases.*

Meat Discount
Provide your own main protein during your session and we discount your order by $5/meal. Please contact us to find out more information about what you will need to provide for your session. Click here to place your session order. Add a note to let us know you would more information about providing your own main protein. *Redeem this discount with session purchases.*