Carryout Pricing

Want us to assemble your meals? We'd be happy to! Place a carryout order in advance and we'll have it ready on your selected pick-up date. Just bring a basket or cooler and we'll load it into your car.

  • Minimum of 4.0 pre-ordered dishes ($116) required for carryout pricing. Click here to order.
    • Half-dish quantities (notated 0.5, typically 3-servings per half dish), can be ordered to achieve the minimum requirement for a carryout order and pricing.
    • Hearty side dishes and non-cookie desserts can be counted towards the minimum order.
      • Simple side dishes, appetizers, cookies, ice cream, and breads do not count towards the minimum order.
  • Additional dishes can be ordered for $14.50 per half-dish.
  • If you would like to include dishes from our Ready Made menu that are marked with asterisks (*), please call us to pre-pay for these items.
    • Items marked with asterisk are available while supplies last. Upon payment, we would be happy to set these aside for you.
    • (Pre-paid) items marked with an asterisk must be picked up within three days of payment. If items have not been picked up by that time, we'll simply refund your payment.