Food Safety

Make Food Safety a Priority at Home


At Home

Store your Time for Dinner meals in the freezer as soon as you get home.  Be sure to alternate the direction of your pans when placing them in the freezer so the lids don't cave in and expose your food.


Always defrost your meals in the refrigerator, not on the countertop.

Cooking Safety

Cook meals as described on the Time for Dinner baking labels, bringing the internal temperature to that stated in the cooking instructions.



In Case of a Power Outage

Here are a few helpful hints that should help keep your food safe.

  1. Keep an appliance thermometer in your fridge and freezer with a couple on hand for your coolers. Perishable foods that have been at a temperature above 40 degrees for more than 4 hours should be thrown away.
  2. Pack your extra freezer space with water bottles. They help hold the coolness and slow thaw during an outage.
  3. Don't open the freezer or fridge door once the power goes out unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Pack your fridge and freezer wisely. Group meats away from vegetables and fruits so, if they thaw their juices will not cross contaminate other foods.

When Traveling

Bringing you Time for Dinner meals on vacation with you is a great way to save money. Click here to learn how to safely pack your food for traveling.