A Semi-Scary Story about Time For Dinner

Getting ready for Vacation

The Rinellas had a big summer planned.  Their son was getting married and then they were going to vacation at their rustic cabin in Colorado. A month of no-phone, no-internet, get-away-from-it-all with their 3 boys and new daughter-in-law. Sounds amazing, right?

In anticipation of their big trip, they came to Time for Dinner and made 28 meals to stock the freezer in the cabin. They made 6 each of the boys’ favorites: Steak Kabobs, Sesame Chicken, and STL Pork Tips. As the Rinellas know, vacation is much more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about making dinner every night!

At the Cabin

When they got to the cabin, they packed the freezer full of TFD food. They had also had frozen pizzas and chicken nuggets, enough to last through the summer. Of course they also brought a hefty stock of marshmallows for s’mores around the fire!

One day it was so beautiful that when Bob went out, he decided to lock the screen door and leave the sliding glass door open to let in that fresh mountain air.  When he came home, he rounded the house and heard a strange grunting noise. Looking around to see where the noise might have come from, he noticed a trail of slashed, empty Time for Dinner bags going up the mountain... and at the end of the trail sat a huge black bear, licking his long claws, content as he could be!

Their new friend had invited himself in through the screen door and devoured the marshmallows. He had then opened the freezer, and proceeded straight for the TFD food!  He didn’t bother anything else in the cabin, didn’t even open the refrigerator, but went straight for the frozen TFD food! His trail of licked-clean plastic bags made it clear that the steak was his favorite!

Lesson Learned

That black bear knew he’d found a good thing and came back for more several times during their stay, but the Rinellas were prepared. They had learned their lesson and there was NO WAY they were going to let that bear get to what was left of their boys’ favorite meals!  Clearly that gigantic black bear had discerning taste! He picked the Time for Dinner meals over everything else in the cabin...well, except for the marshmallows but what's the great outdoors without s'mores!?

Next time, the Rinellas plan to bring extra Steak Kabobs... just in case.

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