Our staff amazes me.  Here we are at 8:00pm on the night of the biggest Blues game ever played and Tom, Carol, Caroline, and Holly are working away without a single whine or indication that they want to get outta here ASAP.  When Holly was offered the night off, but she refused, saying “Oh no, last time I worked they won, so I have to work!” Now there’s a real fan!

We do have the game on and everyone, including the one customer who’s still here, are thrilled that we just scored.  They’re all working smoothly and contentedly. I, on the other hand, am nervous as a cat and can’t believe I’ve pried myself away from the TV to write this.  I seem to believe the Blues need my advice yelled at the TV to help them win this game. Just in case they do, I’d better get back to it!

Just had to be proud of our dedicated staff.  They’re the real winners!

*We meant to post this on Wednesday but obviously got distracted by the game*

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