Makeover at Time for Dinner

We are SO excited to announce that our building renovations are nearly complete!  If you haven’t been in to TFD in the last month you are certainly in for a surprise.  After staring at those orange and brown tiles for 16 years we decided to make some big changes.  Lucky for us, Nehring Design is around the corner and we partnered with them to help plan out our new look and to help execute this long needed makeover.

The Big Stuff:

As all renovation projects go, there were set-backs and delays… and of course our indecisive nature didn’t help much either!  However, once we decisions were made, everything was a whirl-wind of change.

The first area to receive a makeover was the floors. Some of you may have seen our flooring installation during our 4th of July holiday.  Menneke Carpet and Floors did an amazing job and were so kind to work around us so that we could stay open longer for you!  *Spoiler alert* We absolutely love them; it’s amazing how a new floor can change a look so drastically!

Next came the paint. We started by painting an entire wall black so that our resident artist (we feel very cool saying we have a resident artist) could start working on creating a mural.  Throughout the last few weeks, he and two amazing helpers (one of whom is the daughter of our very own Kathy Davis), have worked hard on creating a bright and whimsical garden-scape.  We love getting to see the artists at work; it’s been so much fun to see our little wall garden grow. Oh, and we now have three different shades of green on our walls… we had reservations, but we trusted the pros, and we are so happy with the new look!

The Fun Stuff:

Now that our main projects are *almost* complete, the fun stuff begins, though you may have to bear with us while we figure out everything’s permanent homes 🙂

We started by giving our red tables a makeover so that they fit our new decor. Amy did an amazing job painting the tables and we bought new bases and chairs to make it easier for everyone to sit.  We created a darling cafe area with these tables for you to relax when you aren’t assembling your dishes!

Who would have known that these were our old red tables?

We started working on a hanging plant wall, and thanks to Carolyn’s handy husband, we have a beautiful pallet assembled on which to hang the plants.  Stay tuned as we still have plants to choose and the pallet to hang! Another project we have in the works is a 3D mural using kitchen utensils… but that’s all I’ll say for now!

We Want to Show Off!

Long story short, we hope you’ll come in soon to see all of the exciting changes at TFD.  We are so proud of how far we’ve come as a business and are excited to continue to serve you in our newly designed space.  We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you so hopefully you enjoy the change of scenery as much as we do!

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