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A Semi-Scary Story about Time For Dinner

Getting ready for Vacation The Rinellas had a big summer planned.  Their son was getting married and then they were going to vacation at their rustic cabin in Colorado. A month of no-phone, no-internet, get-away-from-it-all with their 3 boys and new daughter-in-law. Sounds amazing, right? In anticipation of their big trip, they came to Time…
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Makeover at Time for Dinner

We are SO excited to announce that our building renovations are nearly complete!  If you haven’t been in to TFD in the last month you are certainly in for a surprise.  After staring at those orange and brown tiles for 16 years we decided to make some big changes.  Lucky for us, Nehring Design is…
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Our staff amazes me.  Here we are at 8:00pm on the night of the biggest Blues game ever played and Tom, Carol, Caroline, and Holly are working away without a single whine or indication that they want to get outta here ASAP.  When Holly was offered the night off, but she refused, saying “Oh no,…
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To Salt or Not to Salt

Fun Facts About Salt Using a pinch of salt in some desserts will make them taste sweeter without the need of adding extra sugar. Salt water taffy was created when flood water got into the taffy and the owner sold it anyway as joke. Potato chips were invented in 1853 when a cook got fed…
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