Our Food

About Our Food


Meet our Food Guru, Tom McKinley, founder of one of St. Louis' most successful and beloved restaurants, Sidney Street Café. We keep Tom busy developing new and interesting family friendly dishes to keep our monthly menus delicious and inspired!

Each month you can choose from exciting new menu selections. You'll enjoy only the best cuts of meat, hand trimmed by our professional staff to meet our strict quality standards. All of our ingredients and recipes are tested extensively to meet our exacting requirements for flavor and freshness.

Our Dishes


Each whole dish contains a minimum of 6 servings. Desserts and casseroles often serve more. Most of our recipes can be prepared as 2 half dishes (each half serving 3). We pre-assemble briskets and other large cuts of meat as a whole dish. If you'd like them split during your session or in your carryout order, just ask! We're here to serve you.


Each dish comes with a baking label that clearly and simply explains how to cook your meal as well as provide nutrition information, dietary points and an easy side dish suggestions.


All of our recipes are packaged in either aluminum foil pans or plastic freezer bags. Perfect for easy clean up and recycling!